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Why Iron Pipes Need to Be Replaced in Older Homes

Drain and sewer backup claims in south Florida are common among older homes that have cast iron pipes, however, they also happen in newer homes with PVC when objects or roots block the flow of wastewater. When this happens the home experiences a backup, typically filling up sinks, tubs, and toilets with brown dirty water. If the water overflows, touches, and damages the finishes inside the home they should be removed and replaced. Insurance claims with cast iron pipes may be more significant and costly as we have seen that the iron pipes may not be able to be reattached due to age. In many cases, the iron pipes must be replaced with new PVC pipes.

Most Common Methods to Replace Iron Pipes

Two of the most common methods for pipe replacement is trenching and tunneling. Trenching involves cutting the concrete foundation and replacing the pipe from above. Tunneling is when a plumbing Vacuum truck removes the dirt from under the home so new pipes can be installed then the dirt is backfilled and packed. If you are experiencing any type of plumbing back up call your local trusted public adjuster for claims assistance. We have a decade of experience with plumbing back up claims in Palm Beach County, Broward county, and up the treasure coast. Make sure to have your insurance policy available and take photos before the damages are all cleaned up.

Contact Reliant Adjusters Group for insurance claims help and maximize your payout. Our Public adjusters have the knowledge and experience needed to solve any claim or property damage problems quickly while ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Talk to a Reliant Adjuster specialist today! Contact us here.

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