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Roof Damage Claim

Reliant Adjusters Group has been providing quality public adjuster consulting services by taking care of all necessary insurance claim paperwork so that your filing needs are met. We offer public insurance adjusters services for the areas in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Treasure coast area and Port St Lucie County.

Your residential or commercial roof can sustain quite extensive damage which should be mitigated immediately for safety reasons and to ensure the expense of repair doesn’t increase… as the damage may worsen over time. The type and extent of the roof damage that you are faced with will also depend on the style of the roof and the materials that are used.

Property Damage in Boca Raton


times greater compensation is typically received by policy holders who hire a Florida public adjuster.


more claim payouts are secured by Public Adjusters for clients, according to an OPPAGA study.


In Florida, there are a variety of options when it comes to a damaged roof and filing a successful roof damage claim (roof damage insurance claim) through your home insurance company.

Some roof damage can occur over time from natural causes, while other roof damage can be caused by windstorms (which includes tornadoes and hurricanes), fire, sinkholes, structural collapse, hail, lightning, vandalism, and so on.

When roof damage occurs and you are contemplating a roof damage claim or wind damage to roof insurance claim, you definitely should seek out the professional services of a public roof adjuster who can ensure that your insurance claim is accurately determined and paid out. The roof adjuster experts at Reliant Group will handle all of your roof damage insurance claim filing needs as part of our service.

Typical roofing materials in Florida include wood, shingles and tiles but whatever the material or cause, a roof settlement is dependent on properly documenting, submitting, and negotiating a good roof damage insurance claim. And to do that you need a roof adjuster on your side.

Property Damage in Boca Raton


When you experience roof damage and need a roof adjuster, first make sure to move all personal belongings that are directly below the damaged area. Make a first draft list of all the resulting damaged property that you want to put on your roof damage claim and then immediately get in touch with a public adjuster (roof adjuster), who is an expert in the field, to handle all of your roof damage insurance claim and roof wind damage insurance claim filing needs. An expert insurance adjuster from Reliant will ensure that you get the maximum roof settlement for your roof repairs to be carried out.

If you are looking for a trained professional roof adjuster to ensure that you are paid out suitably for your insured loss on the roof damage claim, contact us at Reliant Adjusters today.

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