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Vandalism Damage Claim

A vandalism insurance claim in Florida requires more attention and specialized expertise than regular insurance claims.

Reliant Adjuster Group is a licensed public adjuster consulting for homeowners, businesses, condos and commercial property owners ensuring you get the maximum insurance settlement from your property damage insurance claim. When it comes to claims adjusters we serve the areas of Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Treasure coast area and Port St Lucie County.

Insurance providers will want to delve into the case of vandalism to determine if it actually occurred and if the missing items (if any) were actually stolen during the act. They might also want to investigate if any of the damages to property and equipment being claimed for, were present before the vandalism occurred. It can be quite difficult to settle a vandalism insurance claim and this is why it is often advisable to have an adjuster on your side.

The first step to take is to open an official case so that police reports can substantiate and document the vandalism and related damages. When in the situation of vandalism, you must make a complete list of items missing and damage incurred. If you discover later you have missed something, update the report with the police and advise your insurance company that you have filed an additional police report.

Property Damage in West Palm Beach


times greater compensation is typically received by policy holders who hire a Florida public adjuster.


more claim payouts are secured by Public Adjusters for clients, according to an OPPAGA study.


Vandalism insurance claims are common, but this does not mean they are easily sorted out. If you want to ensure your settlement covers the cost of the damage and missing items, take on the services of a professional public adjuster with experience handling such matters.

At Reliant Adjusters in Florida, we will take a close look at your home insurance policy to ascertain what the agreement is with regards to a vandalism insurance claim and any damage to the property. We can approach your insurance provider to negotiate a settlement that is fair. To learn more about our services for processing a vandalism claim, contact us at Reliant Adjusters today.

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