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Hurricane Damage Claim

Reliant Adjuster Group have been providing professional public adjuster consulting services by representing the interest of residential or commercial property owners. We provide public adjusters services for the areas of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wellington, Treasure coast area and Port St Lucie County.

Hurricane damage insurance claims and wind/storm insurance are a necessary part of life when living in Florida. It can be quite difficult to achieve a hurricane damage claim payout and this is why the services of a public hurricane adjuster are required.

Boca Raton Public Adjusters


times greater compensation is typically received by policy holders who hire a Florida public adjuster.


more claim payouts are secured by Public Adjusters for clients, according to an OPPAGA study.


Loss of life and severe property damage after a hurricane can cause stress and confusion and it is during this time you will need professionals who have your best interests at heart to handle the processing of your Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims.


Whether the damage is severe or not as obvious, you will need to consult with the right professionals to assist you with assessing the cause of damage and presenting the correct reports and evidence on your hurricane insurance claim to your insurance provider. This is where a hurricane adjuster is invaluable and can make the difference between the minimum and maximum settlements. Let Reliant Adjusters be your trusted source for when you need the best hurricane damage adjuster.

Boca Raton Public Adjusters


Flooding and water damage is also a result of a hurricane and it is vital to ensure that your home damage insurance policy covers this too. Hurricanes are typically a result of high winds and flooding from coastal storm surges of the ocean and torrential rains. This type of storm can have not just a damaging effect, but actually a devastating effect on your property, but also one that falls in the gray area between different types of coverages.

It is important to realize that after an event such as a hurricane, resources and labor required for repairs and restoration can be scarce. Our expert hurricane adjusters will be able to scrutinize your policy to see how it covers hurricane damage claims and if the loss you have sustained will be covered or not. At Reliant Adjusters we can assist you to file your hurricane insurance claim and have it accurately assessed and paid out by your insurance provider. Trust the professionals at Reliant Adjusters Groups because we are the #1 preferred choice for a hurricane damage adjuster in Florida!

Contact us for additional information and advice on any hurricane damage insurance claims you have already filed or any hurricane damage claims you think you may have.

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