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Mold Damage Claim

Reliant Adjuster Group is a licensed professional public insurance adjusters group in Florida, providing private adjuster services. We offer public insurance adjusters services in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Treasure coast area and Port St Lucie County.

Mold damage insurance claims are incredibly tricky but often vitally important because mold damage can have seriously detrimental effects on the health of your family, and the cleanup and repaid from mold damage is often massively expensive as it grows inside the walls, underneath the house, or in the very wood or drywall. Those with asthma and allergies will suffer the most and if you find you do have a mold problem, take preventative measures as soon as possible. Mold damage and contamination requiring mold damage claims and mold insurance claims within your Florida home can result from any of the following:

  • Sudden plumbing leaks, roof leaks, plumbing back-ups, window leaks, appliance leaks.

  • Storms and flooding.

  • Fire control systems (sprinklers, hoses).

  • Roof damage allowing rain and water damage.

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times greater compensation is typically received by policy holders who hire a Florida public adjuster.


more claim payouts are secured by Public Adjusters for clients, according to an OPPAGA study.


Homeowners should be of the health hazards of mold not just to the residents of the home, but to those tasked with remediation, removal, and clean-up. Not all home damages insurance companies will offer this type of mold insurance coverage so make sure your policy includes it. A public adjuster with experience handling mold insurance claims and mold damage claims can assess your policy and ensure that you are aware of the right course of action when faced with a mold contamination situation. We can help you file your mold damage insurance claim Florida specific case with your insurance company and make sure you have the best chance at the highest settlement. Let Reliant Adjusters Group be the team you turn to when you need high-quality support with a mold damage insurance claim in Florida.​

In order for mold to be removed from your home, testing must be carried out to determine the correct remediation protocol. This protocol is followed step by step by the remediation team to make sure the mold is handled correctly when being cleaned up or removed. The costs involved will depend on how easy or difficult this protocol is to carry out. Talk to one of our mold insurance specialists to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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At Reliant Adjusters, we can handle your entire mold damage insurance claim filing as part of our service. We can also advise on outside expert assistance if you require it. When filing mold damage claims with your insurance provider we can present them with the facts and negotiate a fair and decent settlement for you.

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