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The Florida Adjusters You Can Trust

Reliant Adjusters Group is a licensed, professional public insurance adjusters group in Boca Raton and surrounding areas, providing private adjuster services. The sole purpose of our business is to represent the interests of residential or commercial property owners who have suffered an insured loss. We believe the way for clients to obtain a fair settlement from insurance companies is to be represented by an experienced private insurance adjuster who understands the nuances of the region and policies.

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The Florida Adjusters You Can Trust

Cortney / Lake Worth Florida

"We suffered a slab leak back in January. Our insurance was not communicating with us at all and we were without water to our home for 3 weeks. We were forced to live in a hotel with our 3 kids without knowing what was going on. Once we hired Floyd, insurance was responsive, decisions were made and we were moving forward and progressing. We are very thankful for Floyd and having him made the process much quicker and relieved us of a lot of stress. Would definitely recommend!"


Tom Egelhoff has been representing Florida policyholders for nearly 14 years and has built a reputation for maximizing their insurance claims. Tom has handled a variety of claims from Commercial fires losses to residential slab leaks, to hurricane damages. He finds that honesty, integrity, careful documentation, and frequent communication are some of the most important skills his clients need in order to maximize their insurance claims. Tom’s background as a construction estimator has given him the knowledge it takes to build detailed estimates and assist during tough negotiations with insurance companies.

When Tom is not adjusting claims, he enjoys spending time in the pool with his family and offshore fishing.



FL license # W199513

With over 35 years of business knowledge, Floyd has and continues to assist homeowners and commercial property owners across Florida to ensure they received the proper representation. As a specialist in property damage claims, Floyd has built a reputation for winning for each and every one of his clients, working tirelessly to get his clients the best possible results on their damage claim. Whether it be for mold damage that’s randomly appeared on your ceiling, or a fire that’s severely damaged your restaurant, you can count on Floyd to help you when you need it most. Floyd has built his career on four core pillars: Outstanding Customer Service, Superior Negotiation Skills, Honesty, and Integrity. By applying these principles to each and every claim, he has been able to both grow as one of the best public adjusters in Florida, and has consistently provided his clients excellent results in the indemnification of their claims.  When not working Floyd enjoys spending time with his loved ones, whether it be playing paddle ball or power walking along the beach.

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