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Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water damage inspections become a critical element in any water damage claim. Because the nature of such damage can lend itself to a very wide variety of sources, determining the source can be just as important as cataloging the extent of the damage. In South Florida especially, commercial buildings can be nestled in between neighborhoods and private residences are often times perched high above commercial real estate and retail properties. Extensive water damage claims are often made in these cases, and documenting everything is paramount to a successful water damage claim.

In commercial and residential buildings alike, water is piped in to perform a number of vital functions. From public restrooms, commercial kitchens and fire sprinklers to outdoor misters, water is everywhere. And because it’s used so extensively, the potential for disaster lurks everywhere. And in the event of a leak or water damage of any kind, having a reputable and experienced public adjuster on your side to battle insurance companies can be the difference maker in your claim.

Leaking or burst pipes can cause short term catastrophic damage that is easy to pinpoint. But a clogged air conditioning unit or backed up plumbing on the third floor above retail space can cause long term damage that often times goes unnoticed until major water damage has occurred. Hire an experienced public adjuster to help make sure the damage is properly documented, and that you have everything covered as you enter the claims process.

Inclement weather can also be the root of severe water damage. Battling the elements can leave your property with scars, and a proper water damage inspection will help make sure that your claim will not get hung up with missing details or insufficient documentation or details. Even heavy rain for less than thirty minutes can cause flash flooding in low lying areas, and water will always follow gravity and take the least path of resistance, even if your property is in the way.

If you find yourself faced with an event that requires a water damage inspection, time is of the essence. Water damage left untreated can quickly escalate into mold and mildew issues that can require far more extensive repairs and remediation work. Attacking a water damage issue quickly, and armed with the help of a water damage inspection performed by a licensed public adjuster can make all the difference in the world.

Minimize your headaches and maximize your claim. Trust the pros at Reliant Adjusters Group to get the job done the right way, every time. We’re ready to help make sure you get the most out of your claim so you can put your life back together. Call us at 561-929-9826 or email us anytime at

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