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Just A Ceiling Stain Or Worse?

Practically every homeowner in South Florida has grown accustomed to the constant storms that rain down nearly all year long. They’re used to sleeping through the loudest thunderstorms and have shutters & impact windows installed for when hurricane season rolls through. While South Floridians are prepared for just about any scenario Mother Nature throws their way, they do fear one thing: that dreaded ceiling stain. They show up without warning and when you least expect it. It may be tempting to brush it off as just some dirt or wear & tear from the age of your home but don’t. Ceiling stains are an immediate red flag that need to be taken seriously the moment you spot them. The moment you spot a ceiling stain starts to form, consider the immediate dos and don’ts.

DO Try To Pinpoint The Source

While ceiling stains may show up at random and without warning, there’s likely a root source leading to it. A leaking shower on the upstairs bathroom could lead to water slowly but surely leaking through. Drain pipes or diverters could have a slight drip coming out, which can cause that stain to form. A strong storm or hurricane has the potential to lift up roof tiles, allowing for torrential downpours to enter and cause water damage throughout your ceiling.  Whatever the cause may be, it’s vital to spot the root cause and document and damage before you fix any immediate damage to stop any more leakage. Oftentimes we recommend the owner place a tarp on the roof to preserve the damages while stopping more water from entering the structure.

DON’T Try To Cover It Up

Everyone’s initial instinct is to cover up the stain and put it to bed. “Out of sight out of mind” might work for other issues, but your ceiling stain can be much more serious than that. Water damage can cause swelling on the wood in your walls, as well as possible mold. This isn’t something you want to pretend isn’t an issue and leave it for the next homeowner. Mold can lead to your entire family getting sick, especially if left untreated. 

DO Contact A Public Adjuster Right Away

The moment a ceiling stain starts to form, don’t panic. It’s scary to think that your ceiling stain can be a deeper issue with damaged structural support beams and more. The dollar signs start to stack up which leads to endless stress. Take a deep breath, and contact a public adjuster. They’ll work with you to evaluate the damages and contact your insurance provider directly. Public adjusters will fight to ensure you get the best possible payout needed so you can get the proper repairs made. 

Have a ceiling stain that just formed in your home? Contact Reliant Adjusters Group, South Florida’s premier public adjuster. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners across South Florida to get them the best possible payout. We specialize in water damage claims, as well as several other possible residential and commercial claims. Contact us online or give us a call at (561) 929-9826 for any inquiries.

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