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Water Damage Claims South Florida

Water Damage Claims South Florida

Water damage can happen when you least expect it. Even with mild weather, it can creep up on you. Broken pipes, and slow roof leaks are a major cause of water damage and can be hard to locate.

When a pipe bursts or has a slow leak, it causes a great deal of water damage. Usually, you don’t take a second glance at your pipes until something goes wrong. Changes in temperature, clogged areas, and old pipes are common reasons for bursts and leaks. Significant repair work and professional clean up may be necessary.

When it comes to water accumulation in the home, crawl spaces, attics, and basements are the prime parts of the home. Crawl spaces and basements are usually cooler in temperature and attic areas are exposed to the natural elements outside. Water may start creeping into these areas with little to no signs of damage until it is too late.

Malfunctioning household appliances can also cause a significant amount of water damage to your home. Washing machines, dish washers, hot tubs, and pools can all produce water damage as they age or are used improperly. Tubes and pipes can wear out, and the water vestibules can crack. Check the condition of all of your household items to prevent water damage.

South Florida has a high rate of air conditioning use, which also can produce damage to your home or business. Most are usually built right into your home and they collect water that is transported outside. When the lines become clogged with algae, they can back up and spill into your home. Most of the time you won’t notice until your carpet is wet to the touch, or you see some discoloration on your floor or furniture.

Of course, in Florida, the weather is a concern when it comes to water damage. Buildings and homes are built to withstand the elements, but sometimes they are just too powerful. Hurricanes come rushing through, and flooding is common. When this happens, don’t waste any time!

The time you take to react when you find the damage is critical. Don’t let it dry on its own, or you may have even more damages to take care of. Professionals have powerful equipment, high-tech air movers, and commercial grade dehumidification to get the job done.

Contact an adjuster with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding water damage to your property. Reliant Adjusters Group can help you with your South Florida water damage and make sure your property and damages are properly assessed. Give us a call today at (561)929-9826 and we’ll help you with all your insurance damage claims.

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