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What Condo & Commercial Business Owners Need to Know About Insurance Claims

South Florida condominium and homeowner associations have a variety of situations that they have to manage in a community. When a disaster such as a fire or water damage occurs it is important that the community hire a professional public adjuster to assess the situation and investigate the damages. A commercial fire insurance claim can wreak havoc to not only the exterior of a structure but can also devastate interior finishes such as drywall, flooring, cabinets, windows, bathrooms.

It is important for a professional to document all the damages before any clean upstarts. Many times the insurance company wants a forensic engineer to perform a site visit prior to starting any work.

Only Hire a Professional Insurance Claims Adjuster

Condominiums and commercial structures are built with different codes than a residential single-family home. Knowing how those all work plays an important factor when estimating damages and negotiating with the insurance company. Make sure to have a full certified copy of the insurance policy handy, the policy will dictate what is contractually covered or excluded from the damages. Mold damage, water damage, or law and ordinance may be excluded from coverage or limited. Loss of income, rent, or business interruption all are important to review during the insurance claim process. Only call a reliable and knowledgeable public adjuster today to assist with your commercial insurance claim.

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