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Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial insurance claims can be very different than residential homeowner’s insurance claims. Structures in Palm Beach County such as warehouses, business plazas, or medical offices generally are written under a commercial insurance lines policy.

Policy coverages vary widely from one commercial insurance company to another and should be reviewed before purchasing. Structural damages not only effect the building envelope but may also effect the business’s operations.

Many businesses will also purchase business interruption coverage. This coverage will protect a Florida business from loss of income during the period of restoration. The period of restoration is defined in the policy and may vary depending on the type of business that is being run.

There are also opportunities to purchase extended coverage. Imagine you are operating a fresh produce business. If you are temporarily closed due to power outages, which resulted from a lightning strike, you may lose all of your inventory in a matter of days.

How would you recover from the loss of product? How many customers will you lose while you are waiting on restocking your product?  Where do you find the resources to keep paying your payroll in order to keep your employees? What happens if the insurance adjuster delays the settlement until well past when you can afford to continue operations?

If you think you have a commercial insurance claim in Florida please call Reliant Adjusters Group. We are here to assist with your commercial claims needs.

It is common to see that commercial insurance policies tend to exclude coverage of matching undamaged materials such as continuous paint, continuous flooring or matching undamaged cabinetry.

If your business has suffered from water damage, fire damage or any other types of damages, we are here to assist with your insurance claim needs.

Our team is highly skilled in understanding insurance policies and negotiating with the insurance adjuster to get the best settlement for your business.

It takes a trained professional to understand the construction costs, as well as the timing and scheduling that may impact the total claim amount and how your business gets back on track.

If you are frustrated with an insurance adjuster not returning your calls or delaying the claims process, then its time you hired a professional public insurance adjuster to assist with your commercial insurance claim.

You may also consider Shipping/Cargo insurance and Marine insurance as part of the commercial insurance arena. It is not uncommon to encounter damaged items from shipping containers.

Insurance coverages may vary from one freight insurance company to another, so make sure you purchase the correct insurance that covers the items value.

Occasionally heavy equipment in the process of loading and unloading cargo can damage shipped items such as marine vessels, appliances, electronics, and other expensive items. Shipping containers are vulnerable to damage during loading, damage in transit, water damage, stolen or lost.

Make sure to hire a professional that on your side.

Call Reliant Adjusters Group now and we will gladly review your policy & insurance claim information.

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