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How to Get The Best Possible Property Damage Settlement

It’s something that you hope never happens to you. But unfortunately, it happens to the best of us: your home was just afflicted with terrible damage. And now you need the insurance company to come help. As it turns out, however, they aren’t proving to be of much help, and the settlement you’re offered isn’t enough to possibly help pay for repairs. And now you’re left to wonder how you can receive the best possible settlement to help repair your property.

If you’re in this situation, there’s no need to fret. While your insurance company can send their own adjuster, you too can also hire your own in the event that you’re given a good settlement. But in order to ensure you can receive the best possible settlement, it’s important that you follow the steps listed below.

How to Get The Best Possible Property Damage Settlement

Document Everything

This isn’t an exaggeration. You should try to document everything you can. And this includes any conversations you’ve had with your insurance company’s adjuster. With records that you made in the aftermath of the damage, your personal public adjuster can help you drastically.

Other than conversations, you should also document any receipts, letters, and even emails that were exchanged between you and your insurance company.


The process to settle a claim you’ve filed for your property damage can be multi-faceted. Because of this, there might be some steps that you’re not aware of and it can completely catch you off-guard. For this reason, create an outline of your case with bullet points so that you can follow and be mindful of them as you talk with your adjuster.

Be Prepared With Your Documents

As you speak with your personal public adjuster, have receipts or any other relatable documents ready for presentation. Having such documents handy will serve as an easy reference for when you’re talking.

Identify The Discrepancy in Payment

If you’re disputing the personal property portion of your home insurance settlement, you should identify and indicate to your personal adjuster where you think the discrepancy in payment took place. More so, you should also note any documentation you might have that details the difference.

If You Need Help Getting The Best Possible Settlement, Call Reliant Public Adjusters Right Away!

If you find that you need more guidance than just simply following the methods above, don’t hesitate at all in hiring one of our public adjusters. Reliant Public Adjusters’ team has been providing quality services for many years, making them one of the most experienced public adjusters in all of Florida. Through their services, we feel confident that you’ll be absolutely happy with their service as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 929-9826 or visit our contact page.

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