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Vandalism Damage Claims in Florida

Vandalism Damage Claims

As a landlord in Florida, you worry about many things. The prime worry is damage to your property that is caused by the weather. Roofs may start leaking, and natural disasters may damage other areas of the home that you own. Because you have tenants living inside, it is important to get damages fixed immediately so that their way of life is not altered. They depend on you to keep the roof over their head in the best condition, which is reiterated monthly with the delivery of their monthly payment. Inspecting your property regularly can help prevent these damages, but there are also other damaged that you can encounter.

Unfortunately, when you decide that your tenant has to leave, they may become angry. It doesn’t matter if it was for lack of monthly rent or the sale of the property that they inhabit. They won’t be happy that you are asking them to leave the place that they call home, and will see it as you are uprooting their family. Most will just start packing and relocate to another favorable apartment, but some may become destructive.

Before they leave, they might ruin glass windows, or stream the walls with graffiti with paint or other materials that they find around the home. In worse scenarios, they could even set the home on fire! If they have the mentality of “If I can’t live here, no one can!” this unfortunate event could occur.

Document all damages that you can see and take pictures to prove that the damage exists. (It is also beneficial to take photos of the apartment before your tenants move in.) The insurance company will need to see the damaged that is being claimed and will need something to compare it to.

Of course, it is imperative to know the legality of dealing with such damage. Vandalism is a criminal act in Florida and might make your claim more complicated when you contact your home insurer.  Contacting a Florida public adjuster may be beneficial as they have experience in these matters and will ensure that everything is being done properly.  They will help you get the job done and get your apartment back in working order so that you can move forward on your next endeavor. If you need to speak to a local public adjuster regarding a vandalism claim in South Florida you can call us at 561-929-9826.

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