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Property Theft Claims & Vandalism Damage in West Palm Beach Florida

The average homeowner thinks that their property insurance covers only catastrophic events such as a fire damages or hurricane damage. However, more coverage exists under most general insurance policies.

One coverage that seems to be overlooked often is theft and vandalism. Generally speaking the insurance policy will cover for items that were stolen from the insured property including items that were damaged during the incident such as windows, doors, gates, and fences.

It is very important that you file a police report as soon as you notice the incident and start the process of documenting all damaged items. Reliant Adjusters Group has assisted in many theft and vandalism claims from Lake Worth, Wellington, West Palm Beach and other south Florida cities.

Reliant Adjusters will assist in estimating the cost of each damaged or broken item in addition to structural components of the property that may have sustained damage during the incident. So, if you think you may have a theft or vandalism claim in south Florida, call Reliant Adjusters Group Inc., your local, trusted, and knowledgeable public adjusting firm! 561-929-9826.

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