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Steps to Take When your Home or Business has Fire Damage

If your home or business has been ravaged by fire, advice from your Florida insurance adjuster can go a long way. Knowing where to begin once this damage has been done is a tough thought to process, but when you have a plan, things become that much easier. Here are a few things to do once you have suffered fire damage.

Make a list

Create a detailed list of all the things that were lost in the fire and hang on to it. This can take some time and reflection from all in your household or business to ensure that your list is as accurate as possible. Star making this list as soon as possible so that your memory is fresh regarding all the things that were lost.

Do not throw anything away

Following on from the list point, it is also extremely important that you do not throw anything away once the fire has struck. Many people make the mistake to throw away their damaged items post the fire, however, keeping them gives you easy proof for your insurance company to see exactly what they should be working into the claim.

File your claim as soon as possible

Although the remnants of fire damage can be devastating to a family or business owner, be sure to call your insurance company as soon as possible. This will get the ball rolling on your claim making the process move more swiftly for you.

Keep paying your homeowners insurance claim premium 

This is another common error people tend to make once claiming on fire damage. Do not stop paying your premiums once you have claimed to make sure that whatever may happen post the initial damage is covered.

Finally be sure to trust your public insurance adjuster. Contact Reliable Adjusters today if you require any assistance on fire damage, your roof damage insurance claim and many more.

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