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How To Prevent Fire Damage In Your Home

While we all hope it never happens to us, fire damage in your home is a very real possibility on any given day. It’s an overwhelming experience that can be mentally and emotionally taxing for even the strongest people. Losing your home to a fire leaves families with unforeseen challenges, not sure of where to go or who to turn to. 

Many house fires can be stopped quickly and efficiently if homeowners are up to date on all fire preparedness tools and techniques. Before a fire catches you or your family off-guard, consider the following: 

Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are absolute must-haves in any home. Most homes come with them already installed, however, if yours happens to not have them, we strongly recommend purchasing and having them installed as soon as possible, as they can be the difference between life and death. Do not attempt to install them, but rather hire a professional electrician who can properly connect them to your home’s wiring. Many will come with a battery backup in case your home loses power for whatever reason.

You should check your alarms at least once a month just to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Everyone in the home should be fully aware of what each alarm sounds like, so if they ever hear one they know exactly what to do and where to go and what to do.

Have A Fire Extinguisher Or home Fire Sprinkler System At The Ready

When the smoke alarm does go off, it’s vital to have the tools necessary to fight back. Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher available. We strongly recommend having the extinguisher close to the kitchen, as it’s the likeliest space in your home where a fire can start. Everyone living in the home should be familiar with operating a fire extinguisher. To quickly remember, use the phrase PASS: 

  1. Pull the pin and release the lock

  2. Aim the fire extinguisher’s nozzle at the base of the fire

  3. Squeeze the lever slowly

  4. Sweep from side to side 

Should a fire ever break out and you have the fire extinguisher available, make sure to point your back towards the exit as you spray. This gives you the ability to flee should a fire grow out of control. 

While it does require more work to have installed, a residential fire sprinkler system can be a tremendous difference-maker when the flames start to build. The sprinkler system will immediately react as the fire is small, preventing it from growing out of proportion. However, this could potentially lead to some water damage over the affected area that will need to be addressed.

Review Your Home For Any Potential Hazards

While it may not seem like it, most homes are filled with serious hazards that could lead to a fire starting out of nowhere. Things like extension cords with too many plugs and frayed wires can be a serious danger that needs to be taken care of right away. Other dangers include the dryer’s lint trap, as well as something as simple as glassware left out in the sun.

Fires can be random in nature, but they can be controlled if managed right away. With fires come unforeseen damages, such as water damage from sprinklers and firefighters, smoke & soot damage to furniture and appliances from the fire, and more. If you’ve recently experienced fire damage in your home or business and don’t know where to turn, consider the team at Reliant Public Adjusters. We’ll help you during this time of distress to assist with getting you the right amount for your insurance claim. Contact us today to learn more about our services by filling out our form online, or by giving us a call at (561) 929-9826.

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