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What Should I Know About A Fire Damage Claim?

Fire insurance claims can be complex because the impact of a fire can vary greatly. The effect can be as little as smoke damage to heavy soot particles or a complete structural loss. Those who have had fire damage in South Florida should know a few things in addition to calling a public insurance adjuster at Reliant Adjusters.

What Do I Do First?

Call the insurance as soon as possible. Damages may be so severe that the house can be uninhabitable for a while. An advance payment may be requested from the insurance company so that necessities can be purchased or a hotel can be lived in during the timeout.  Make sure to document everything. Provide pictures as close to the event as possible. If those aren’t available, Google Maps may be able to provide somewhat recent pictures.

While natural disasters can’t be prevented, their damage can be mitigated. Damages from neglect may not be covered by an insurance policy. Also preventing any further damage from occurring is necessary. Leaving open holes that were burned into the roof or walls can make the property susceptible to water damage from rain. Mitigate any further damage from happening or the insurance company may not cover it.

Conditions to the policy

Insurance adjusters are required to respond in a timely manner to claims. Contacting the Department of Insurance may help the process if the insurance company is delaying. However, in many cases, Reliant Adjusters will get the job done with experience in communicating, showing the damages, and negotiating with insurance companies. They will get the payment done quickly.

Keep paying the insurance premiums even after filing the claim. Failing to pay can risk the eligibility for relief. There is liability protection included in the insurance which covers other damages that may arise due to the initial incident. Keeping these is important especially during the time of a disaster. Take no risks and keep the policy going. Reliant Adjusters Group is a licensed, professional public insurance adjusters group in South Florida, providing private adjuster services for not only fire damage claims but also mold, water, roof, smoke, theft, wind, and hurricane damage. We will represent the interests of residential or commercial property owners who are not experienced enough or don’t have the time to deal with the complexities of insurance. We also understand the nuances of the region and policies to get the fairest result for our clients. Call Reliant Adjusters now at (561) 929-9826 or visit to get help for fire or any damage claims in South Florida.

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