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Understanding Mold Damage Claims Settlement in Florida

Homeowners understand the intricacies of owning a house and what it takes to maintain a pristine home. One of the major concerns of homeowners is the potential of mold damage. Just like any other insurance policy, a mold damage insurance claim is meant to ensure that the homeowners are compensated for any damage that may come as a result of mold infection. Mold mainly forms when there is a moist surface which may be as a result of leaking pipes or a wet wall. Here are the key guidelines for a successful settlement of mold damage insurance claims in Florida.

Understand The Importance Of Mold Damage Claims

It’s evident that a majority of homeowners today are either ignorant of the existence of such insurance policies or overlook the importance of such policy endorsements. As a homeowner, mold contamination must be treated quickly, or you may increase the potential of damaging the home. Mold can be very dangerous it may damage the home and provide a perfect place for other microorganisms to breed. With mold damage claims, the expenses and damages in many cases should be covered by the insurance policy, but not guaranteed. That’s why it’s important to discuss your damages with a professional who can explain what is typically covered under the insurance policy and what isn’t. 

Inform Your Public Adjuster Immediately

Mold contamination is a continuous process which may happen any time as long as there is a moist surface. It’s highly advisable to bring this concern to the attention of an insurance company or public adjuster regardless of how small you think the contamination could be. This would give them time to assess it and determine whether it needs immediate attention or not. Afterward, it is recommended to follow up and make sure that the situation is handled within the shortest time possible.

Reviewing Mold Damage Claims Policy

It’s the obligation of the policyholder to make sure that they perfectly understand the coverage of mold claims within the policy. That will provide a rough understanding of what to expect for mold claim damages. Do not sign anything unless everything is perfectly understood and all the provisions are stated clearly on the insurance agreement. Make sure clarification comes from a third party in case the further explanation is needed. A good lawyer or public adjuster would have a deep understanding of the details surrounding mold damage claims.

Consider The Services of a Good Adjuster

Following-up on some of these issues can be very tiresome and engaging. It is beneficial to have a person who has been trained to deal with such issues represent your claim. Unfortunately, not every adjuster can be trusted to effectively deal with mold damage claims and bring good results. The public adjusters at Reliant Adjuster Group can handle mold settlement claims. They have years of knowledge and experience in helping homeowners with mold claims. We guide homeowners through the mold claim process and work to get them the maximum return possible. Call one of our qualified adjusters today at 561-929-9826.

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