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From mold to water damage and hurricanes: Here’s why your Florida home needs the right insuran

Hurricane Damage

Accidents do happen from time to time, suddenly and unexpectedly, always at the worst time possible. Most people need insurance companies in order to survive financially after major incidents, and people expect fair settlements from their insurance company. Our experience of working with insurance claims alongside property owners in Florida, tells us that this might not always be the case.

Reliant Adjusters have extensive knowledge in negotiating and settling insurance claims for property owners – in the state of Florida. Our work is showing that the only way to be able to obtain a fair settlement from your insurance company, is to be represented by an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster. Reliant Adjusters are licensed by the state of Florida, and we have been serving property owners in South Florida since 2005.

We can help with all kinds of damages, and have only listed some of the insurance claims that we’ve helped our clients with:

  1. Collapse

  2. Roof damage claims

  3. Fire damage claims

  4. Hurricane Insurance claims

  5. Wind & windstorm claims

  6. Criminal & Theft damage

  7. Vandalism damage claims

  8. Smoke damage claim recovery

  9. Tornado damage claims

  10. Mold damage claims

Hurricane Damage Claims

No insurance damage is similar, which means that no insurance claims are similar either. In order to provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive and ethical correct adjustment of your insurance claim, Reliant adjusters will provide you with an individual and personalized service. Contact us today for more information, and let us figure out how we can help you get paid the money you are due.

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