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Roof Damage Claims South Florida

Roof Damage Claims South Florida

One of the most common homeowners’ claims in Florida is roof damage. Roof damage can occur at any time, and won’t always have any warning signs. Some damage happens over time, and other damage happens overnight.

A common cause for roof damage in Florida is wind damage. Strong winds destroy shingles, and can even rip them right off. There is a strip between the shingle and the roof the seals them together. More often than not wind lifts the shingles and the seal becomes broken. After this happens and the wind settles, the shingle will lay back down normally, and you won’t be able to see the damage. The strip is important to the strength of the shingle on the roof, and needs to be adhered properly. If it isn’t, the durability and life of your roof will be negatively affected. Within a year or two of encountering damage, you will probably need a new roof because it will begin to leak.

roof damage south florida

Tile roofs are not exempt from damage. They are put onto the roof as a decorative alternative and below them you will find paper that prevents leakage. If the wind moves the tiles on your roof, it may result in the nails underneath getting wedged in or out. The holes may open wider than intended, and water may get in. The roof could start leaking, and water damage can occur.

Hail is also a common contributor to roof damage. Degranulation of your shingles can occur, which means that the material of the shingle is altered in a negative way. It will no longer have the strength needed to prevent any damages that can occur. Only close inspection will be able to reveal this damage, and you need someone with experience that can tell you what repairs need to be done.

Lightning, storms, and other natural events can also cause roof damage and the repairs are not cheap. If you can prevent a full roof replacement, it will certainly be cost effective. But, it is important to fix all damaged areas to prevent a lengthier repair in the future.

If you are unsure of the damages you may have and need someone to fight on your side, contact a public adjuster. They are there to make sure that your home remains in tip-top shape after being damaged, and will get you the results that you are looking for.

Reliant Adjusters Group is a Boca Raton Public Adjuster specializing in helping home owners through the claims process, effortlessly. Call us today at (561) 929-9826 to learn more and schedule an appointment

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