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Leaking plumbing causing damage? Here’s why it’s important to call your Florida insuranc

Florida Insurance Adjuster

Catching plumbing leaks early is very important to prevent further water damage and to prevent mold from setting in. Reliant Adjusters has extensive knowledge in helping our clients in negotiating and settling insurance claims on water damage incidents. There are two types of water damage incidents which may occur:

  1. Category one: fresh water leakage – water escaping from a water supply line is usually referred to as a fresh water leakage, or ‘category one leakage.’ This kind of leakage will not carry any bacteria or impose any immediate health threats, but when not dealt with can impose serious damage to kitchen cabinets and furniture, as well as walls and flooring. Mold will set in the walls and grow further and health risks and comprehensive repairs have to be addressed later. If your insurance company discovers you’ve been aware of this, but have not done anything to fix the problem, then your insurance claim is going to be rejected.

  2. Category three: black water – water backing up through drains and sewers under the property is known as black water, or ‘category three.’ If black water comes in contact with wood or any organic material in your house, then it needs to be thoroughly cleaned or disposed of entirely. Black water contains bacteria and imposes an immediate health hazard.

Call us before it’s too late to set up an insurance claim

If you’re experiencing any problems with the plumbing systems in your home, contact us today to set up an insurance claim before the damage becomes worse. This way we can make sure all the correct and necessary precautions are taken so that your insurance company will pay the full amount of insurance money you are due.

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