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How A Public Adjuster Can Help With A Hurricane Claim

Reliant Adjusters Group an insurance adjuster in Florida that represents the interests of residential or commercial property owners who have suffered an insurance loss. This insurance adjuster in Palm Beach County can assist with a claim after a hurricane. A strong hurricane can cause extensive damage and result in a loss of personal insured items. the public adjusters at Reliant Adjusters group can assist with a hurricane claim and provide a customer with all of the necessary information and resources to begin the claim process.

How A Public Adjuster Can Help With A Hurricane Claim:

  1. Inspecting and Adjusting the Loss

  2. Provide Documents

  3. Assist with claim negotiations

A Public Adjuster’s Role

The role of a public adjuster is to work on behalf of policyholders. Businesses’ and homeowners should hire a public adjuster when assistance is needed in filing a claim or feel that a claim amount offered by the insurance company is incorrect. Hurricane damage and other natural disasters can be filed and negotiated with a public adjuster. A public adjuster is able to understand the language and details of insurance policies and can use sophisticated software to estimate the clients’ property loss. Hiring a public adjuster can negotiate with the insurance company on the client’s behalf and can help to settle a claim quickly and efficiently for the maximum amount allowed.

Provide Documents

A public adjuster will be able to take photos and assist with filing an insurance claim and provide the required documents. The Adjuster can use a high-quality camera and take the correct photos and video of the damage done to the property as a result of a hurricane. Photos and videos should document the property destroyed in a hurricane. Destroyed property may include water and mold damaged materials, roof, and valuable belongings inside in the home to name a few. The adjuster may also assist with preparing a detailed list of all the damaged belongings which should include, a price, and an estimated cost to replace those items. A public adjuster will also inform the homeowner of the appropriate documents required in order to complete the process.  Providing these documents and to a public adjuster will make the process much easier.

Saves Time And Money

After a hurricane, business and homeowners are stressed and concerned about their wellbeing and returning to a normal routine. Filing an insurance claim may not be a priority for a busy person and will benefit from a public adjuster’s services. Business owners are more concerned about getting back to work after a hurricane and do not have the time to deal with paperwork. A public adjuster will be able to save home and business owners time and money. These professionals, assist with clients and contractors in order to make a better settlement with the insurance company. A public adjuster will protect a client, from any danger as a result of inexperience. Therefore, the adjuster can participate in this time-consuming process and save the client time and frustration.

Reliant Adjusters Group is a great professional public adjuster group in Florida. Hiring a public adjuster to help with a hurricane claim is an excellent service. We provide all business and homeowner’s adjuster needs in Palm Beach County. Call us at (561) 929-9826 today to speak to a qualified representative! Visit us on the web at Reliant Adjusters Group for more information.

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