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Tropical Storm Fred, And What It Could Mean For You

While many of us South Floridians have been incredibly fortunate to have made it through Hurricane Season 2021 without a heavy storm thus far, there’s still three months left before we can let our guard down. In fact, South Floridaian’s should be on guard as Tropical Storm Fred makes its way through the Caribbean islands and towards Florida. While it hasn’t made national headlines, Tropical Storm Fred is just mere days away from making landfall, so it’s crucial that you and your loved ones know the details before it makes landfall. 

Tropical Storm Fred is expected to come ashore on Wednesday night and will continue through Friday with strong winds, heavy rains, and the potential for tornadoes. The storm has already kicked up some rough surf along our coastlines which could cause flooding in low-lying coastal areas as well as major beach erosion. To help you stay informed about what might happen during the storm, here are some things you should know: 

When Will It Arrive?

While it’s rather difficult to properly predict when Tropical Storm Fred will reach South Florida, it’s expected that the storm will reach Friday (August 13th) around roughly 8pm. Residents in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade should expect to feel both the rain and winds of Tropical Storm Fred throughout the night till around 10am Saturday (August 14th). 

What Can I Expect?

With any major storm, you should make preparations against severely inclement weather, no matter the strength of the storm. From high winds and torrential downpours as well as flash floods, tropical storms and hurricanes alike bring dangerous environmental hazards. These heavy winds can also lead to downed trees, broken windows, broken power lines, etc. Based on Tropical Storm Fred’s active tracking pattern, South Florida will likely feel the storm overhead, but it won’t be on its direct path, as it appears to be making its way towards the Gulf of Mexico and the western coast of Florida.

How Much Rain Will There Be? 

Based on current projections, homeowners and business owners alike throughout the tri-county area can expect anywhere between one to four inches of rain in their area. The west coast will likely experience heavier rainfalls as Fred passes by, with rainfall likely to be between three and eight inches.

Will My Property Sustain Any Damage?

With any major storm, there’s always the possibility of your home or business being damaged. Flood waters can see in through cracks and doorways, or heavy winds can down trees and destroy windows. While tropical storms are certainly more mild than hurricanes, they’re still dangerous storms that should be treated with respect.

Finding your home has been damaged following a tropical storm or hurricane can be extremely discouraging, leaving you to wonder where you start or where you go from here. While your first step might be to reach out to your insurance company, call the experts at Reliant Adjusters Group first. Our public adjusters will help you personally navigate the process of getting the most for your tropical storm damage claim. Simply give us a call today at (561) 929-9826 and we’ll provide you with a no obligation free consultation.

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