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Florida Lightning

Lightning is so common in Florida, that experts have named Florida as the lightning capital of the world or also known as lightning alley.

It is commonly associated with strong storms, high winds, and hail in Florida, and little is spared in its path. After a large thunderstorm in Florida, trees that have been hit will have broken limbs and if these limbs are close enough to your home, they can cause severe damage to roofs and screen enclosures. Make sure to document the damages before removing or disposing any items.

Lightning is also known to cause major electrical problems in Florida homes. Appliances, security systems, and home electronics are usually the first to suffer damages. A lightning strike that makes contact with a roof can create roof damage and an opening to allow water to leak into the attic and home.

Contact a licensed Florida public insurance adjuster to help assist with the investigation and assessment of inventory.

Reliant Adjusters group has the knowledge and skill to help assist you with lightning strike claims.

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