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Common Water and Mold Damage Questions for Florida Public Adjusters

Mold Damage and Water Damage

If you are a homeowner in Florida, you may experience mold damage or water damage in your home at some time. If you notice the tell-tale signs of mold and water damage, then it’s not always easy to pinpoint when the problem started. Have there been leaks or other issues for a day, a week or even years?

Timeframes are important when it comes to filling out insurance claims and it’s very common for homeowners to get confused about the date of loss with regard to their claim.  When filing a claim, an insurance company wants to know when the damages occurred.

It is important to submit the first date you noticed the damages when completing this insurance claim. Do not try to assess when the problem started because the insurance claim should only note the date you became aware of the damages.

What if you noticed water damage or mold damage only after the damage has been done?

If the mold or water damage remained hidden for a long time, it’s not always easy to know when the damages started. Clients often ask us whether they will still be covered by their insurance if they only noticed the water damage or mold damage after a real problem occurred?

Generally speaking, hidden damages should be covered under most Florida insurance policies given the right circumstances. Remember, you still have the burden to prove that your damages are covered. Picking the right public adjuster to assist you with your claim is very important.

Reliant Adjusters Group has extensive construction and insurance knowledge and can assist Florida homeowners with hidden mold and hidden water damages. Call us today for a free evaluation. Let us recover the most from your claim so you can repair your home the right way. If you haven’t filed your claim yet, let us have a look as we like to get started at the beginning of the claim process so that things will be done correctly from the beginning.

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