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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster may seem important for only very large $100k claims. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Public Adjusters offer a variety of advantages that more than reimburse for their cost. Here are the top 10 best reasons to hire a public adjuster before contacting the insurance company with a claim.

1. They Work for their Clients, Not the Insurance Companies

Public adjusters know their territory inside and out. They know the laws and are good at using them to get proficient results. Most adjusters also have large enough teams of experts at hand. Many insurance companies are simply too large for a single person to combat alone.

2. They Work on a Contingency Basis

There is more to gain by calling a public adjuster before your insurance company. Public adjusters only get paid if the claim gets paid more than the cost of their deductible. They are even trained to reopen cases that were previously denied by an insurance company. This means that a majority of trained public adjusters will get you more money than an initial offer. You’ll save time if you hire an adjuster sooner.

3. Public Adjusters Can Get You Paid More

On average, claims receive more than 500% more money per payout when assisted by a public adjuster Boca Raton. This huge spike in payouts easily pays the adjuster fees and leaves plenty of additional funds left over. It’s a win-win situation to let a public adjuster bolster a claim.

4. The Benefits of Appraisal

In states that allow it, sending a claim into appraisal can be a great solution. When an insurance company extends a lousy offer, public adjusters can help their clients reach the appraisal phase. The best part of this scenario is the insurance company must pay for half of the umpires fees. This along with other things can put pressure on them to settle.

5. Public Adjusters are the Only Adjusters Allowed to Represent You

Insurance companies make it sound like they are doing a huge service sending an independent public adjuster Boca Raton to your property. In reality, they are sending an agent that works exclusively in their favor. Independent adjusters will always find ways to side with the insurance company regardless of the situation. Public adjusters only work for YOU and ensure the most beneficial outcome on each claim for you.

6. Insurance Companies and Underpaid Claims

Insurance companies are looking at their bottom line and how to find a cheaper way to pay a claim. They use tactics and experts that can be frustrating and confusing for typical consumers. This hurts regular folks who don’t know much about insurance practices. They will say the adjuster they are sending is independent but all of their work is being sent directly from insurance companies.. Sometimes after several months, the carrier will send a claim denial that is not necessarily correct. Hiring a public adjuster will ensure you get the full value as that is the only way the public adjuster will get paid.

7. Insurance Brokers and the Insurance Companies

Insurance brokers are trained to sell you an insurance policy. They are not trained in the claims process and cannot assist with negotiating your claim. A public adjuster works closely with the client in order to maximize the claim payout for you. Customers can trust they are getting a fair deal when they go with a licensed and trained public adjuster Boca Raton.

8. Public Adjusters are Highly Trained Professionals

Adjusting claims can be a very complicated affair. It takes someone who has studied and trained for several years in order to get conducted accurately. If an individual tries to adjust their own claim, they will miss out on many details and devalue the reimbursement. Letting public adjuster professionals take care of a claim is the best way to get a desirable result. Plus, this saves tons of time the client can use on other matters.

9. Insurance Negotiations and Releases

If your insurance company tries to offer you a settlement with a release it is then best to talk to a public adjuster Boca Raton and attorney before proceeding. They can likely negotiate a better deal before the customer gets locked into a devastating position.

10. Lost in the Shuffle

Insurance companies are bogged down with paperwork and their field adjusters are too. Part of the negotiation process is waiting your opponent out. If you feel like the claims process has come to a halt and you need assistance, call you trusted public adjuster so they can start investigating the loss.

The Bottom Line

Although people are prone to panic when it comes time to make an insurance claim, there is a simple way to remain calm during the whole process. Simply hiring a public adjuster Boca Raton to take care of it all removes the stress and confusion. Public adjusters are skilled professionals who have their client’s best interests at heart. They can battle the insurance companies each step of the way and ensure the claim is maximized. After all, they don’t get paid unless they produce a positive outcome for their customers.

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