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South Florida Marine Insurance Claims

South Florida Marine Insurance Claims

South Florida is a boaters dream. With much of the state enjoying shoreline, waterways or close proximity to water access, the number of boat owners in much higher than most other areas of the state. With a wide variety of options for water activities, such as boating, diving, and fishing, boat ownership is a popular choice for many looking to take advantage of life on the water.

Along with the benefits of boating, comes the inherent risks. A lot can go wrong out on the water, and it’s very important to make certain that every possible scenario is covered. Due to the vast number of boaters coupled with the number of time boaters spend on the water, it comes as no surprise that there are a large number of South Florida Marine Insurance Claims filed each year.

Boats are constantly in motion, even when they aren’t going anywhere. Wet surfaces abound on vessels, and it’s easy to lose your footing, making personal injury for you and your guests a real possibility that you should be prepared for at all times. Having a solid first aid kit is common sense, but having a few extra supplemental first aid items on board at all times can really come in handy.

South Florida Weather & Marine Insurance Claims

Everyone in South Florida knows just how quickly the weather can turn. Driving rain and howling winds are no stranger to those venturing out on the water, and it’s important to understand the ramifications of weather changes and to be prepared for the worst. The ocean can quickly go from flat to whitecaps in the blink of an eye. As weather degrades, your risks can increase. Reduced visibility and decreased navigation can be a recipe for some sketchy situations, so it’s important to be aware of the weather and it’s potential to decline. Waves combined with rain can mean more water than normal coming into your vessel. Making sure your equipment is in running order can be the difference between a wet ride back to the dock and potentially catastrophic failure in the event of malfunctioning bilge pumps.

Most boats that get used regularly no longer look like they just launched out of the showroom. Scrapes and abrasions are common from docking, normal wear and tear, and from rafting alongside another vessel. Conditions can make these activities even more difficult, and significant damage to your vessel is not an uncommon occurrence. Damage to your hull and railings happen regularly at boat ramps and when docking. Significant damage of any kind should be looked at immediately by a professional & qualified marine insurance adjuster. Speaking with a professional will quickly get your questions answered about what might be covered, and help you understand the full extent of the damage and whether or not your vessel might be seaworthy.

If you venture on the water, having insurance to cover a variety of situations is always a good idea. And in the event something happens, when getting in touch with your insurance adjuster, time is of the essence. Dealing with a licensed professional means that your South Florida Marine Insurance Claims are handled the right way, the first time. A lot can go wrong on the water, and a lot can go wrong with your claim.

If you want to make sure that you’re covered, contact Reliant Adjusters Group today at (561) 929-9826 or

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