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Plumbing Slab Leak in Palm Beach County

Plumbing Slab Leak in Palm Beach County

Reliant Adjusters Group recently assisted a client in Palm Beach County who had an issue with a plumbing slab leak. A plumbing slab leak is a pressurized waterline that fails under the structural foundation.

Water can migrate up through plumbing sleeves and damage walls, floors, and seep through floor tiles. One common sign of a slab leak is an unusually high water bill, even slow leaks over time will create a significant jump in cost! We recommended that the homeowner call a professional to perform a leak detection on the property to determine the location of the leak. Once the leak is located the line can then be isolated from the rest of the house.

How to fix slab leaks

Two ways to fix a slab leak are to reroute the plumbing line over the ceiling or to cut the concrete and remove and replace the broken line. We at Reliant Adjusters Group take careful records when documenting and estimating costs for slab leak damages and complete a thorough investigation to assist in determining the extent of the damages. If you want to make sure your claim is paid correctly the first time, we recommend the assistance of a public adjuster to communicate directly with the insurance company adjuster. The estimating software we use is one of the insurance industries standards and allows us to write and compare estimates with the insurance company more efficiently.

Contact Reliant Adjusters Group to Fix Your Plumbing Slab Leak in Palm Beach County

If you are located in Wellington, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach or neighboring cities and have sustained water damage in your home, then give us a call today for a free inspection and claim evaluation!

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