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How does a Public Adjuster Help Your Insurance Claim?

The state of Florida is the perfect location to purchase a home or commercial property, making it the number one moving destination in the United States. Florida is well known as the vacation spot capital of the world for most individuals. From historic downtowns, theme parks, and beautiful beaches, there are plenty of activities to be shared. This is why buying a home or business in Florida is becoming a popular venture for many. However, when purchasing a Florida home or business, having proper Florida home or commercial insurance is key in keeping your property value afloat. And if you find yourself in a situation involving a claim, having a South Florida Public Adjuster on your side can make all the difference in helping you get the maximum amount of money for your claim.

What is home insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance, also known as home insurance, generally is a property insurance plan that will cover a private residence. Additionally, there are different kinds of insurance packages available on the market that can vary depending on personal insurance protections. Home insurance plans can offer reimbursement when damages or losses occur to the policyholder’s home. And with the help of a public adjuster near you, your chances of a successful recovery increases dramatically. Overall, being a back-up plan for property damage, whether it is interior or exterior, some people think of home insurance as liability insurance. This means when an accident occurs within the homeowner’s residence, the insurance company can replace the damaged property depending on the insurance plan, company, and policies. A public adjuster ensures you file the claim properly & helps you recover more than what the insurance company typically offers. Insurance on a home can also deliver financial protection during natural disasters caused by unpredictable mother nature. There are many different policy plans, however, a standard home insurance policy insures the residence as well as property inside the home.

What is the average cost of home insurance in Florida?

The average cost of home insurance in Florida increases every year. However, the average premium can dramatically increase if you live near the coast. Overall, Florida is the most expensive state to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Florida is hands down one of the most expensive states to live in. However, there are companies and insurance agencies that can assist in finding a homeowner affordable home insurance. This can vary depending on the insurance company, agent, location, age of the home, and city. If a home is located in central Florida, the cost of home insurance is generally lower as compared to a house built near the coast or one of Florida’s finest beaches, like the ones found in Palm Beach County. Furthermore, the price can vary whether or not the house is located near a city or in an area where there’s a large traffic of people.

Is Florida home insurance needed?

Luckily, Florida law doesn’t require home insurance and a homeowner won’t get penalized if he or she doesn’t have it. However, the mortgage company will require the homeowner to have proper homeowner’s insurance before the loan is approved. Having homeowners insurance protects the property and the investment. Some insurance policies can set limits depending on the liability of the property and its contents. An excellent example of this is expensive furniture, jewelry or fine art pieces, all of these can factor in on the insurance plan. Anything could happen to a home, and it’s helpful to have decent coverage in case of damage or an accident. Mother nature is one of those unpredictable events that can be a factor in deciding what kind of insurance policy is best for the home. Proper homeowner insurance also covers break-ins, fires, flooding, trees falling on the roof and mold damages. But having solid insurance is just the first step. In the event of a claim, insurance companies will fight to protect their money, which means less money for you, the homeowner! Having a South Florida Public Adjuster on your side helps increase the chances of a larger payout.

What is Florida home insurance deductible?

When accidents do happen the homeowner is responsible for costs, but deductible insurance plans relieve some of the financial burden of homeowners. The deductible, is the calculated price the policyholder would be required to pay out-of-pocket. The payment would be towards loss and damages done to the home and property. When these damages occur, the insurance will settle with a certain amount of pay depending on the damages. A public adjuster’s responsibility is to protect the homeowner, and the fight on their behalf to get the most amount of money possible. The amount a homeowner receives can be greatly increased with the help of a South Florida public adjuster. As a result, having homeowner insurance gives the homeowner peace of mind of affordable damage repairs towards their house and property. And with the help of a Public Adjuster, the amount a homeowner recovers can greatly be increased.

Qualities of excellent Florida home insurance companies

Customer service and customer care are the top two determining factors for homeowners when searching for a home insurance company. If the insurance company fails to deliver the utmost customer service to its clients, imagine what it would be like if an accident or damage did occur. Would someone want to deal with a company with terrible customer service ? Or would they rather deal with a company that provides their customers with excellent customer support and information? Poor customer service is another indication that you’re probably unlikely to have a smooth claim, should the need arise. An experienced Public Adjuster fully understands how insurance companies protect their own interests, and will work diligently to help protect your interests.

Experience is another quality to factor in when searching for excellent Florida home insurance. When a company is too new, it’s hard to find reliability since they’ve only just started. When an insurance company has years of home insurance experience, it gives the clientele peace of mind knowing they are in with a reputable and reliable company. Furthermore, when a company has been around for a long time, there are also reviews from previous customers and clients to assist the homeowner in making their decision. Studying and reading those reviews from real people can tell the potential policyholder a lot about the service quality the insurance company provides.

Honesty and reliability are also great qualities to factor in when researching a Florida homeowner’s insurance company or Florida Public Adjuster. The best way to understand the level of honesty and reliability is to read customer reviews and forums about both types of companies. Customers on the web are not shy to tell the world about their experiences and can provide honest and much-needed information.

If you’re about to file a home insurance claim or a commercial property claim, the experts at Reliant Adjusters Group are prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf, to not only protect you, but to make sure you get the highest payout possible to cover your damage. Call us today at 561-929-9826 to learn how we’re ready to fight for you!

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