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Homeowners Insurance Claims

If you’ve had recent damage done to your home and are unsure about where to start with repair and claim process, then this article is for you.

Tip: Make sure to be aware of things excluded from your policy when you first buy it. This way you will know if you should purchase extra coverage. A common example of policy exclusions is regional flooding so if you’re in a vulnerable area for regional flooding, it would be a good idea to purchase that extra coverage even if you have to purchase it through a separate provider.

The following types of damage are typically covered under insurance.

The Repair Process

Find a Reputable Contractor with the Right Skills

It’s important to find a reputable contractor to do the necessary repairs. Don’t skimp on price. You want it done right. The contractor should provide you with a written estimate that details everything including labor, materials and the type of work they are planning on doing. You should also ask them about the amount of liability insurance they carry and make sure to have their insurance policy number as well as their contractors license number. Have all this and a time-frame before hiring.

Time is of the Essence

Also, if there is damage like that are compromising the liveability of the house, you want to make sure to save all receipts for additional living expenses so you can submit them to the adjuster. It is also very important to mitigate your damages with tarps or dry out equipment so the current damage doesn’t create more damage. For example, if you have water damage, this could also cause a mold problem if it’s not fixed right away.

The Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be a long and grueling process. We recommend you to find a company that will take care of filing the insurance claim for you. There are many out there that are extremely experienced and will make the process quick and easy, but most importantly, get you the maximum payout.

If you’re in the South Florida area, we can do just that. Give us a call 561-929-9826 or shoot us an email today. We’re ready to help and have years of experience.

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